Wealth Management

Wealth Management – More than Just Assets

ZAG member firms challenge clients to think beyond money. After all, wealth encompasses much more than an account statement. Real wealth is embodied in one’s financial, social, and intellectual capital. And since wealth extends beyond financial assets, it must be managed it from a broader perspective.

Focusing on the Larger Things in Life

Integrated Wealth Management describes a holistic approach to guiding clients in making the most of their assets and enhance their quality of life. This approach integrates a financial plan, estate plan, life plan, and investment assets into personal vision and wealth goals. ZAG member firms mentor their clients in this process and provide leadership to make decisions consistent with one’s personal values.

Integrated Wealth Management helps clients focus on the larger things in life: giving back to the community and the world; providing leadership for family, business, civic, and artistic ventures; and discovering the joy and impact of living a life of positive influence. Clients who take a holistic approach build a lifetime vision and pursue their goals with clarity and focus. They have confidence in their decisions, understand how each part of the plan contributes to the big picture, and are better equipped to apply discipline along the way. The result is a peace of mind.