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A Smarter Approach to Investment Management

Traditional investment strategies attempt to add value through securities selection and market timing. These “active” approaches strive to exploit perceived inefficiencies in the financial markets. But research shows that most active investment managers fail to add value for investors. The main reason is that they are focusing on market forces that are neither predictable nor controllable.

ZAG member firms take a smarter approach to investment management by focusing on activities that are within an investor’s control. We describe this approach as Active Oversight, Proactive Advice™.

First, the belief in fair pricing leads to creation of “passive” portfolios designed for diversified exposure to the capital markets. Then ZAG member firms are free to actively manage each client’s wealth in ways that add long-term value.

Active Oversight

ZAG member firms work with clients to actively manage the details of their wealth by:

  • Establishing and monitoring the asset allocation in their portfolio
  • Setting goals and watching for events and conditions that might indicate a change
  • Developing a plan for assets, cash, and use of their money
  • Working with clients to implement a customized plan
Proactive Advice
Active Oversight

Proactive Advice

ZAG firms help clients stay on top of their wealth plan. Rather than trying to predict markets, an advisor models how potential events or conditions may impact an investor’s goals, financial plan, and portfolio allocation, and then offers proactive insight to ensure that the client is well prepared for different circumstances.

ZAG member firms are active about what matters and proactive in anticipating how changes in finances or personal goals affects strategies.

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ZAG is a resource that keeps on giving. As ZAG has grown, we’ve faced the challenges any growing business faces, but we’ve shared those experiences with each other. Some firms have grown faster and some firms have grown differently. Many firms have added subject matter experts or diversified their services. This variety has allowed all of us to be better for ourselves and do better for our clients.

Kimberly Sterling
Chairman of the Board & Wealth Advisor, Resource Consulting Group